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Travelling New South Wales - Muddy Waters Farm Stay

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Muddy Waters Farmstay Walgett
Muddy Waters Farmstay

If you have ever travelled out west into the New South Wales Outback, you will know the roads are long and the landscape is rugged. On a recent trip through this unique landscape, we had the pleasure of revisiting some interesting places. None more special than Muddy Waters Farm Stay on the Barwon River. We want to share this special place with you and encourage you to stay at this unique location. Muddy Waters Farm Stay just out of Walgett has stolen our hearts.

I (Bob) went to high school and grew up in this town. My life existed of farm work, roo and pig shooting as well as fishing in the Namoi and Barwon rivers. The world Walgett means “meeting place of two rivers” and it has really felt like a homecoming.

Muddy Water Farm Stay on the Barwon River
Muddy Water Farm Stay on the Barwon River

Muddy Waters is a very unique farm stay just out of town on the banks of the Barwon River and just shy of the junction of the rivers. It is owned by Luke & Carolyn Farr and their family and offers a realistic and carefree ability to experience not only outback living but also river life on the black soil rich plains of western NSW.

Luke has a wealth of local knowledge as well as cultural ties and knowledge of the skills needed to survive in the bush such as bush tucker, bush medicines and hunting and gathering skills. His laid back attitude will make your stay extremely relaxed and comfortable. Be warned though, if rain comes you will be stuck here until it dries out but that is the nature of the black soil rich land, as well as part of its, beauty.

For me, I simply love it!!. Yabbies, wild pork on the fire, digging for black soil worms and fishing in the river, well, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Yabbies from the Barwon River
Fresh Yabbies

There are only about four sites with power in the upper area and four more down on the river bank. Still, Luke is slowly developing this farm stay and I would have to say it is one of the most genuine, authentic stays in the country and operated by simply salt of the earth people. There is an abundance of good fireplaces and firewood is an easy get, so make sure the chainsaw & axe is sharp. It has no toilets, no showers, and not much power but what it offers is simply majestic. The Muddy Waters shop is a gem offering homegrown pumpkin, squash, sweet potato, relishes and a mixture of local hot sauces for your culinary pleasure.

Muddy Waters Farm Stay Shop
Muddy Waters Farm Stay Shop

At approx $20 a night, this simply can’t be missed and we will be back many times. I should note that it is a work in progress and an amenities area could be on cards soon. Yes, I am biased about this place, but I assure you it will ground even the most hardened full-time travellers and I would challenge you to find anything even remotely close to an insertion into life in the bush.

Sure, Walgett may not seem like the most glamorous destination but as a beautiful, safe and relaxing base, Muddy Waters Farm Stay is a must when you are travelling New South Wales. It opens up as well to explore day trips to local Artesian bores, Glengarry & Grawin opal fields and the quirky Lightening Ridge Opal fields all just an hour's drive away.

Muddy Waters Farm Stay Campfire
Muddy Waters Farm Stay Campfire
Because of my personal ties to this area and Luke, I would be happy for any of our followers to use me or Travelling Oz Our Way as a reference when booking or talking with Luke.

Further Information & Bookings

Visit the Muddy Waters Farm stay website:

Muddy Waters off George Sands Way Walgett NSW 2832 Australia

0432 250 760

Continuing our journey Travelling New South Wales

As we continue our journey travelling New South Wales, it’s impossible not to marvel at the beauty of Australia's Outback.

Muddy Waters Farm Stay Sunset
Muddy Waters Farm Stay Sunset


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