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Want to create more brand awareness, reach new audiences, and places? Start collaborating with us! We are passionate travellers and storytellers (nothing makes us happier than travelling, recording our experiences, taking photographs and sharing them with the world.)

Devils Marbles

Work With Us

As a couple we love to travel and explore new places and share our adventures with our authentic and engaged online community. With vast travel experience we provide a unique and professionally documented overview of our adventures and experience with your brand.


  • A large majority of our followers come from Australia followed by the UK and USA.

  • 55% are Female and 45% are Male

  • Instagram followers are mainly aged between 25 and 44

  • Facebook followers are mainly aged between 35 and 64


Let us help you capture the attention of our audience by creating meaningful and engaging content that does not look like an ad. We build real connections with our audience and the content we share is authentic, like a recommendation from a friend.

What we can provide you:

​High-quality professional photography including drone and over/underwater images.

  • Influencer posts shared on Instagram and Facebook to our niche audience

  • Blog posts published on our website and sent to our subscribers via eNewsletter.

  • Professionally edited videos showing highlights of our experience

  • High-quality articles, images and video content for use on your own media channel


We love what we do and we love sharing our adventures.


Please contact us...we would love to hear from you.

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