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Essential Caravans

We own an Essential Outlander Design 10 – 22’10, purchased in 2022 from Ian Grant's Caravans in Traralgon, Victoria. Essential Caravans is an Australian caravan manufacturer with over 35 years of experience in the industry.

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Ian Grants - Essential Caravans


We have a 22’10” Design 10 Grant Cruiser and we love it. Tare weight 2430kgs and fully loaded with all our gear, dual bike rack, water tanks, gas, and groceries all full, approx. 3050kgs. The layout with the separate bedroom, middle toilet and large shower, also separated by a privacy door, suited us beautifully. The large Club lounge at the rear means that the kitchen area is wider than normal and for us travelling full time this gives us those individual private spaces we sometimes need to read, watch television or just have some quiet time alone. The Design 10 really has it all and we can’t say enough good things about the team at Ian Grants in Traralgon.


But how would the Ranger perform? Well before I talk about performance it should be noted that our Ranger has been towing now for approx. 90,000klms and has over 200,000klms on the clock. We have serviced the car every 10k and are about to service the transmission at her next service and we have fitted a new complete set of 5 injectors and replaced all heater/radiator hoses. The only mods fitted is a secondary Brown & Davis fuel filter and 2 Iron man helper springs on the rear to help level the larger van.


As far as performance goes we are very satisfied, since the new injectors we get an average of 15.4 litres per 100klms at about 90-95 kms per hour on flat outback roads. Obviously, this changes with road conditions and weather conditions but in general, this is good. RPM sits between 1600 & 2000revs while cruising in good conditions. We still have heaps of power and I personally only move the transmission to sports mode for hills or passing. I know this is a much-debated point but hey this is just what we do.

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