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Travelling Western Australia - Ellendale Pool

Ellendale Pool
Travelling Western Australia - Ellendale Pool

Welcome to yet another unforgettable highlight of our journey as we are travelling Western Australia. In this beautiful state, Ellendale Pool stands out as a simple hidden treasure. It's not about grandeur here, but the simple, untouched beauty that makes it special.

This blog post is all about discovering the magic of Ellendale Pool. We'll take you through its serene waters and rugged surroundings, exploring the pure essence of Western Australia's unspoiled charm. Join us as we uncover the quiet yet breathtaking beauty that makes Ellendale Pool a haven for all travellers.

Travelling to Ellendale Pool

Ellendale Pool is a stunning waterhole, a four-and-a-half hour drive north of Perth and a 45-minute drive southeast of Geraldton. We travelled from Sandy Cape Recreation Park which is approximately two hours or 190 km along the Indian Ocean Dr/State Route 60, then National Route 1. It's a relatively easy drive along the coast and through several smaller towns, which are worth a look if you have time. There is a sign on the highway marking the turnoff for Ellendale Pool just before the historic town of Greenough. From this turnoff, it’s approximately another 27km. The last section is on a gravel road, which is suitable for 2WD and caravans.

Ellendale Pool
Travelling Western Australia - Ellendale Pool

Ellendale Pool

Arriving at the Ellendale Pool, you'll enter a secluded bush setting with plenty of space to park and set up camp. Formed naturally along the picturesque Greenough River, it is surrounded by magnificent gum trees and a rocky gorge. The first thing you will notice, however, are the birds...hundreds of Corellas. They are noisy and messy, so choose a spot well away from their trees.

The natural water hole boasts some remarkable cliffs on one side, making for a breathtaking view during sunrise and sunset. The rocky gorge that surrounds the pool isn't just pretty; it's a haven for different plants and animals. You'll spot unique plants that call this waterhole their home. The colours of the gorge are spectacular, particularly at sunrise and sunset. The reflections in the water of the pool are magnificent, reflecting the walls of the rocky cliff and the surrounding giant gum trees.

Ellendale Pool
Travelling Western Australia - Ellendale Pool

Camping at Ellendale Pool

Ellendale is a picturesque shire-run campsite that offers excellent value ands it is Free! The campgrounds span along the Greenough River, where Ellendale Pool is situated.

If you're planning to camp, there are three areas.

  1. The first area is located 100 metres up on the top level, away from the river. It features a flat and wide terrain with a couple of big trees that provide ample shade. This spot is ideal for RVs, caravans, and big rigs.

  2. The second area is a little closer to the water but still set back in the main area around the toilets and playground. It's a spacious spot with plenty of shade and room to distance yourself from other campers.

  3. The third and last area is situated right next to the river, with a track that runs along most of it. This area has lots of shade and plenty of spots to set up camp. Some of these spots may not be suitable for low-clearance 2WD vehicles. The sites range from massive to just big enough for a vehicle and tent.

Overall, there's plenty of room, lots of shade, and some fantastic spots to set up camp for the night. We parked up at the top section of the camping area which was flat and spacious. We had no issues with birds as they were in the trees in the lower section. We travelled with two other caravans and we were able to spread out and capture some shade from the trees.

Ellendale Pool
Travelling Western Australia - Ellendale Pool

Facilities at Ellendale Pool

For a free camp, Ellendale Pool has great facilities. There are three flushing toilets, a dump point, rubbish bins, non-drinkable water and a couple of gas BBQs with picnic tables as well as a playground. There is no electricity available at Ellendale Pool campground. Fires are permitted between April and September, but of course, check this at the time. Dogs are permitted on leads.

Swimming at Ellendale Pool

While the pool's waters generally boast good quality, it's wise to be cautious. There is a warning sign stating the possibility of amoebic meningitis when the water temperature hits 24 degrees. At the time we stayed, it was a little cooler than 24 degrees but we were still comfortable. It does not say ‘Swimming prohibited’, and a lot of people do swim there, as we did. It simply suggests if you do swim, do it at your own risk or keep your head above the water.

Not only did we swim, but we also kayaked, as the waters were so still and perfect for a quiet paddle. What an amazing way to view the stunning cliffs up close and explore the waterhole.

For those feeling adventorous, there is a rope swing or you can climd the rocky cliff for a fun jump. Check out our socials for Bob's wild jump off the cliff.



Ellendale Pool Rd, Ellendale WA 6532

Phone: 08 9956 6670 (Geraldton Visitor Centre)

COST - FREE (in 2023)


Caravan / Camper Trailer / Campervan Sites / Campsites

Water Not Suitable For Drinking

Time Limits Apply 7 Days

Mobile Phone Reception

Dump Point





Picnic Table

Some Shade

Pet Friendly

Fires Permitted


Rubbish Bins

Picnic Area

Our tip on Ellendale Pool

To make the most of your trip, plan to visit during the cooler months. That's from April to October, when the weather's warmer and the crowds are fewer, allowing you to relish the tranquillity without the heat or the hustle.

Ellendale Pool is a slice of unspoiled paradise, a place where simplicity meets beauty in its rawest form. Take it all in, respect the land and let this hidden gem be there for everyone to enjoy.

Head over to our YouTube Channel "Travelling Oz Our Way" to see the full adventure of our stay at Ellendale Pool.


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